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At "made for me" you will find

specially selected crafts and designs.

We select the particularly good work from small, new and up-and-comming designers. Based on the store's overall aesthetics and ideals.


We try to adapt the store to the designers' needs  in a ways that allows the newly established creators  sell their works in ways that

fit into their business.

A lot of our design is Danish and made locally but not all. We also select brand from abroad i they have a great mission and a great design. 


Our store focus on innovation,

long lasting design and quality.


At "Made For Me", it is important that the things we sell are produced with care for a more sustainable future.


When we work with brands it is important they  focus on sustainable production and good working conditions. Some focus more on the social aspect and others on the sustainable - but we only work with brands that are committed  to improve and make a positive impact.


As both products and methods 

are vastly different, so are working with environmentally friendly solutions.


Some use recyclable materials, others work with slow fashion. They produce very small runs to ensure that there is no waste.


One of our designers has her own local flower field in Copenhagen, where she extracts natural color for her textile design. For the benefit of both the city's flower-loving citizens and insects.


All the designers take they are responsible and go the extra mile to create not only beautiful design but also do it in the best way for climate and biodiversity. Feel free to ask about the individual products - the stories are many and full of creativity and drive.

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